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PremierSureste GARDENING

Description of the service:

We have an extensive offer of gardening and landscaping services and products.  We offer a personalized service while at the same time working in a systematic manner to guarantee maximum quality and customer satisfaction. Our team is composed of the very best experts in the business with all of the required means for the correct execution and maintenance of all types of green spaces.


We provide the following landscaping services:  

•Cleaning of wooded areas, flowerbeds and lawns

•Cleaning of pathways, grating, tennis and padel courts, etc.

•Tilling of flowerbeds and gardens

•Edging of lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, etc.

•Reseeding and seeding of bare areas

•Pellet fertilizers (Organic, mineral and mulch)

•Removal of scrub, weeds and organic waste

•Pruning, trimming, mowing, tree felling, turf aeration


•Complete garden design and reform (selection of plants, construction, electrical, painting, etc.)

•Maintenance of automatic watering systems (Sprinklers and drip)
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